JA2-1.06bENG-2 + russian gamedisk = cannot see the cdrom

Need help with one of the installers?
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JA2-1.06bENG-2 + russian gamedisk = cannot see the cdrom

Post by BangYourHead » Mon Mar 02, 2009 21:16

Well, I was pretty sure that this combination wouldn' t work, because the installer is targeting for english version (according to it's filename).

The installation is getting "stuck" at the "mount Jagged Alliance 2 install cd and retry" window.
I've tried mount -a, previously adding "cdrom"-filesystem to the known system file.

Is there some way to install russian version of Jagged Alliance 2 under linux?
* jagged.alliance2_1.06b-english-2.run
* openSuse11.1(32bit)
* Buka, "Agonia Vlasti" = Jagged Alliance 2
P.S.: any craziest way to install and run the game would be fine for me.

Or may be the execution file contains language dependent code? If this true - I'm pretty <bad word>'d.
I also have english Gold edition of the game. May be I can "fool" the installer, after getting the game installed via english CD change some of the files to "make" it russian?

Any advice would be helpful.

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Post by kratz00 » Thu Jul 02, 2009 21:29

Our installer is for the Linux version only. There is only one version!
I assume you have one of the many Windows versions of the game and they will not work but you could try Wine with them.

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