UT99 OpenGLDrv.so -Illegal File under PURE anti-cheat

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UT99 OpenGLDrv.so -Illegal File under PURE anti-cheat

Post by Zyrus » Mon Sep 11, 2006 19:04


I just installed UT99 (not goty) and it works perfectly, open GL looks great and gives 200fps, but when I try and play online it seems the latest UT PURE anticheat software boots me, saying "Illegal File OpenGLDrv.so - Possible bytehack" - I gathered from another post I found it was because it's new and not recognised. As the UT admins are reluctant to fiddle with their server ini's I need to find a version which is compatable (probably the oringal). Does anyone know where I can find an older .so open gl driver?



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Post by kratz00 » Tue Sep 12, 2006 22:38

try this one http://liflg.org/files/OpenGLDrv.so

this is the originale file from Loki

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