warzone 2100 heads up

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warzone 2100 heads up

Post by karmazilla » Fri Dec 09, 2005 23:56

Here's a notification to the LIFLG team with regards to Warzone 2100:

The project has moved away from it's berlios.de host, and is now resident at https://gna.org/projects/warzone/

The effects of this move should be: confusion, better host, cleaner SVN structure.... ;)

Btw, it is now 1 year since the source code was released :) and, although slow, development is still moving forward: new (very nice looking) textures are comming up, network code is slowly becomming robust and modability steadily increasing (using PhysicsFS).

Guess that is all for now,

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Post by kratz00 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 17:57

thanks for this information

from http://developer.berlios.de/forum/forum ... m_id=17028
Posted By: kgmetcalfe
Date: 2005-Dec-23 11:38
Summary: Warzone 2100 GPL Development Project

Due to some having problems acessing this site 100 percent of the time, the persons coding the project have decided to continue the project on the GNA.ORG site under the name...Warzone Resurrection... at this url... https://gna.org/projects/warzone/
This site will continue to be used as a mirror - all the files here will remain untill such time as they become too far out of date - replaced with the newest code.
i will change the link on the downloadpage and i'm looking forward to see a new release


Post by karmazilla » Wed Dec 27, 2006 22:03

Oh my!

Have it really been a year? Looks like I'm making it an annual event to visit these boards :P

Well, Warzone 2100 haven't been standing still and we got a christmas present for all the open-source loving gamers out there :lol:
A new release! http://wz2100.net/downloads.html

Enjoy :)

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