Neverwinter Nights sou and hotu installers not working

Need help with one of the installers?
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Neverwinter Nights sou and hotu installers not working

Post by noeom » Fri Jun 06, 2014 0:11


I have installed NWN using and then updated with Seems to work fine (I have started a campaign, move the character around and the like).

Then, I have installed the first expansion, Shadows of Undertide using First of all, the behaviour of the installer is funny, because it shows a graphical window and it finishes as soon as I press the install button (pretty quickly, no progress bar, it takes less than a second). Anyway, if I look at the console I started the installer from, it keeps showing messages for a long time (creating, inflating, etc. Some errors among them). As I don't know when it's REALLY finished, I decided to press the close button on the graphical window when I hear the CD reader has stopped.

The whole log is here:

If I start NWN now, the expansion doesn't seem to be installed (no SOC campaings, no SOC character types...).

If I update with, the problem persists (update runs correctly, up to 100%, but no signs of the expasion being installed when I start the game).

I have the same problem with the installer of HOTU, but one problem at a time ;-)

So ¿what can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Info: I am running these on Linux Mint 16 64 bit.

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Re: Neverwinter Nights sou and hotu installers not working

Post by kratz00 » Tue Jun 10, 2014 21:24

Hi noeom,

Thanks for your feedback. These installers are all quite old, I am amazed that some of them still work at all :D
We need a little help from you to found out whats going wrong.
Extract the installer:

Code: Select all

bash --keep --noexec &&
cd nwn.sou_1.3x-multilanguage-2/
The installer is executing the script named '' and it somehow fails to extract the needed files.
The script is pretty easy but as I do not know your background, please indicate if you need help finding out what goes wrong while extracting the three Zip files.


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