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removed some installers

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2005 16:42
by kratz00
Warzone 2100 outdated, 2.0.5_rc1 available, they made their own installer

Ufo: Alien Invasion outdated, 2.0rc4 available, they made their own installer

Pathways Redux 11.26.04 incompatbile with latest Doom3 patch (Sys_Error: wrong game DLL API version)

Privateer 1.0 outdated, 1.3 available, they made their own installer

SAS 2.1 outdated, 3.0 available, they made their own installer

Return to Castle Wolfenstein not functional anymore (we need a alternative to extract wise setup files)
Jagged Alliance 2 (wine) it's available as a native game, support native games, buy them!

Battlefield 1942 1.6.19 outdated 1.61b available
Need for Speed Underground 2 1.1 outdated 1.2 available
Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour 1.02 outdated 1.04 available

Action Unreal Tournament (ut2k4 mod) project is dead
Anomaly Racing (ut2k4 mod) project is dead
Hackerz (ut2k4 mod) project is dead

Alien Swarm 1.3 + addons (ut2k4 mod) outdated 1.32 available
Death Ball 2.3 (ut2k4 mod) outdated 2.4w available
UnWheel MSU (ut2k4 mod) outdated R5 available
Unreal Tournament Expanded Multiplayer beta 2.0 (ut2k4 mod) outdated 3.5 available

ETF (Enemy Territory mod) project is dead
Savage + Samurai Wars (Savage mod) Get Savage XR at
True Combat (q3a mod) get TC:E at
Vegastrike outdated, 0.5.0 available
All UT2k4 mod installer, most projects are dead