The hunted for Linux

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The hunted for Linux

Post by mat » Tue Jan 01, 2019 19:50


Is there any way to run this game on Linux?

I remember that you created a script for the Linux version of this game.
Do you still have these files? ... The+Hunted

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Re: The hunted for Linux

Post by kratz00 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 23:12

Hi mat

A script? I cannot remember and a quick search was without any result.

I gave it a short try though:

1. Download the zip from ... hronicle-1
2. Download the engine from
3. Extract everything in the same directory
4. Run the game: ./darkplaces-linux-x86_64-glx -game Id1

The game ran but it did not display any textures.

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Re: The hunted for Linux

Post by mat » Fri Jan 04, 2019 18:32


The shell script was created by someone from

Thanks for your help.

I tried with the second part of the game, and I have the same issue:

Some files are missing because they are probably in different locations or they should have lowercase names of the files in all directories. There is a Windows binary that probably shows how to load these files correctly;

Any ideas?

That was the only open source game when some of my friends thought that was the commercial game because it looks so good. It would be awesome if it could be fixed because there is not even a single open source project similar to this one. ... 3#comments

./darkplaces-linux-x86_64-sdl -game thdata
Game is DarkPlaces-Quake using base gamedir id1
gamename for server filtering: DarkPlaces-Quake
DarkPlaces-Quake Linux 16:04:18 May 13 2014 - release
Current nice level is below the soft limit - cannot use niceness
Playing registered version.
Skeletal animation uses SSE code path
DPSOFTRAST available (SSE2 instructions detected)
Failed to init SDL joystick subsystem:
execing quake.rc
execing default.cfg
execing config.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
Client using an automatically assigned port
Client opened a socket on address
Playing demo demo1.dem.
Linked against SDL version 1.2.15
Using SDL library version 1.2.15
GL_RENDERER: GeForce 320M/integrated/SSE2
GL_VERSION: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 340.104 1 1
Video Mode: fullscreen 1024x768x32x0.00hz
S_Startup: initializing sound output format: 48000Hz, 16 bit, 2 channels...
Wanted audio Specification:
Channels : 2
Format : 0x8010
Frequency : 48000
Samples : 2048
Obtained audio specification:
Channels : 2
Format : 0x8010
Frequency : 48000
Samples : 1024
Sound format: 48000Hz, 2 channels, 16 bits per sample
CDAudio_Init: No CD in player.
Can't get initial CD volume
CD Audio Initialized

Server: The Hunted build 13:53:23 Apr 18 2005 (progs 5299 crc)Serverinfo packet received.


FS_OpenVirtualFile("", false): nasty filename rejected
FS_OpenVirtualFile("", false): nasty filename rejected
Model progs/player.mdl not found
Model progs/eyes.mdl not found
Model progs/h_player.mdl not found
Model progs/gib1.mdl not found
Model progs/gib2.mdl not found
Model progs/gib3.mdl not found
Model progs/s_bubble.spr not found
Model progs/s_explod.spr not found
Model models/players/upper.md3 not found
Model models/players/lower.md3 not found
Model progs/v_axe.mdl not found
Model progs/v_shot.mdl not found
Model progs/v_nail.mdl not found
Model progs/v_rock.mdl not found
Model progs/v_shot2.mdl not found
Model progs/v_nail2.mdl not found
Model progs/v_rock2.mdl not found
Model progs/bolt.mdl not found
Model progs/bolt2.mdl not found
Model progs/bolt3.mdl not found
Model progs/lavaball.mdl not found
Model progs/missile.mdl not found
Model progs/grenade.mdl not found
Model progs/spike.mdl not found
Model progs/s_spike.mdl not found
Model progs/backpack.mdl not found
Model progs/v_light.mdl not found
Sound sound/doors/creek.wav not found
Sound sound/demon/dland2.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/h2ohit1.wav not found
Sound sound/items/itembk2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/plyrjmp8.wav not found
Sound sound/player/land.wav not found
Sound sound/player/land2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/drown1.wav not found
Sound sound/player/drown2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/gasp1.wav not found
Sound sound/player/gasp2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/h2odeath.wav not found
Sound sound/player/teledth1.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/r_tele1.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/r_tele2.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/r_tele3.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/r_tele4.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/r_tele5.wav not found
Sound sound/items/armor1.wav not found
Sound sound/weapons/lhit.wav not found
Sound sound/weapons/lstart.wav not found
Sound sound/items/damage3.wav not found
Sound sound/misc/power.wav not found
Sound sound/player/gib.wav not found
Sound sound/player/udeath.wav not found
Sound sound/player/tornoff2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/pain1.wav not found
Sound sound/player/pain2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/pain3.wav not found
Sound sound/player/pain4.wav not found
Sound sound/player/pain5.wav not found
Sound sound/player/pain6.wav not found
Sound sound/player/death1.wav not found
Sound sound/player/death2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/death3.wav not found
Sound sound/player/death4.wav not found
Sound sound/player/death5.wav not found
Sound sound/player/axhit1.wav not found
Sound sound/player/axhit2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/slimbrn2.wav not found
Sound sound/player/inh2o.wav not found
Sound sound/player/inlava.wav not found
Sound sound/player/lburn1.wav not found
Sound sound/player/lburn2.wav not found

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Re: The hunted for Linux

Post by kratz00 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 23:15

I think the game data files are fine.
I built the git version ( and still see the problem with the missing textures.
Then I found this post:
So I gave an old version ( of the darkplaces engine a shot.
The visuals are different but I wasn't able to start a game :(
I will not spent any more time on this, good luck and please report back if you have new information.

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