Good old CivCTP with Ubuntu 14.04 works good

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Good old CivCTP with Ubuntu 14.04 works good

Post by lordsinclair » Mon May 16, 2016 21:04

Hello by a newbie (me),

Found Liflg by chance (google) , download , installed and started CivCTP successfully.
When the installer already worked several years ago without change until today I asked myself why it is still part of beta section ?

Because my CivCTP-CD was burried in my drawer for more than 10 years I am a bit euphoric thanks to your work
Before I found you by chance I tried to loki_patch by myself given the icculus ressources including sources for compiling.
I guess with trusty (ubuntu 14.04) patching this way is not easy any more while many in the past posted it was several years ago .

Now I will play several sessions and hopefully enjoy stable comeback/resurrection of my beloved , most famous CivCTP.
Then I should sincerely donate some money for your work .
regards, Dieter

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Re: Good old CivCTP with Ubuntu 14.04 works good

Post by kratz00 » Tue May 17, 2016 21:17

Hello Dieter

Thanks for your feedback, always good to hear, those old installers still work on recent Linux distributions and actually help people getting their games installed easily.
The installer is still in the beta section as we did not get much feedback back in the days.
I guess we mark all beta installers as stable now :D
Enjoy playing Civ:Ctp :!:


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