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15.01.2012 - Server outage resolved

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by our unreliable mirrors and torrent tracker lately. Fortunately, all our installers are now available again.
As always they can be downloaded directly or via Bit Torrent. We had to switch the tracker and we are now using the services of OpenBitTorrent project. If you are a supporter of our project and were seeding some of our installers you can find all new torrent files here: liflg_torrents_2012-01-15.tar, so that you don't need to download every single torrent manually again.

03.01.2012 - Server outage

One of our servers is currently not available. During this time, our Bit Torrent tracker is unreachable and some of our installers are offline too.

01.01.2012 - Happy New Year 2012

The LIFLG team would like to wish all Linux gamers a healthy and happy New Year!