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22.05.2011 - Flattr Liflg

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22.05.2011 - LIFLG is looking for "Defenders of Distributions"

Linux Installer For Linux Gamers is offering more than 35 installers for Linux games. One big problem is to keep those installers working on as many Linux distributions as possible. This is where our two man team simply can not keep up with all the changes.

To solve this problem, we have decided to try something new. We want to find permanent testers, preferable at least two testers for any major Linux distribution (x86 and x86_64).

What you have to do:
  • test all published installers on your Linux distribution
  • or, if you do not own the game, try to find someone within your Linux distribution community who owns the game, let's make him/her do the testing and make sure that we get feedback
  • test installers which are not published yet
  • whenever your Linux distribution publishes a new release, you will have to test all the installers again do make sure that the bit-rot did not kill the compatibility
What you get:
  • you will be credited on our page as "Defender of $INSERT_YOUR_LINUX_DISTRIBUTION_HERE x86/x86_64"
  • exclusive access to our closed beta forum
  • a helpful hand from us if you would like to start building your own installers
If you are interested to help us, please send your application to "team _at_" or contact us via IRC on Freenode #liflg.