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19.02.2011 - Heavy Gear II installer updated

We have updated our Heavy Gear II installer.

  • included GLib libraries so you do not have to install them separately
  • using a better compression to reduce the size of the installer

11.02.2011 - Warsow installers removed

We have decided to remove our Warsow installers because the Warsow project offers a nice Zip file which contains everything you need, including the game data files, 32/64 bit Linux binaries and start scripts. Enjoy playing Warsow!

09.02.2011 - Heretic II installer updated

We have updated our Heretic II installer.

  • added a fix to prevent a crash with too long OpenGL version strings
  • added support for the following languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • better detection of on 64 bit operating systems

07.02.2011 - Glest installers removed

We have removed our Glest installers since the original Glest project is kind of dead.
Fortunately, there is MegaGlest. If you like Glest, you will like this one too, which is a fork of the original project.
The MegaGlest project offers its own Linux installers. Enjoy playing MegaGlest!