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08.01.2011 - New forum software

We have updated our forum software, so it looks a little different and has some nice new features.
All users which were not active for more than two years have been deleted.
If you have any problems with the new forum do not hesitate to contact us.

07.01.2011 - LIFLG is dead. Long live LIFLG.

You may have noticed, for quite a long time we are releasing installers with a different suffix than just ".run". Those new installers had ".bin" as suffix, then we ditched ".bin" and now they have the suffix "". All newer installers are based on MojoSetup, instead of loki_setup.

Since we have changed the installer software we use, should we also adapt our name to the name of the new software we use? If we do so, the project's name would have to change again as soon as we switch to another software.

So we have decided LIFLG now stands for "Linux Installers For Linux Gamers", because that's what we do, regardless of the software we use.

01.01.2011 - Happy New Year 2011

The LIFLG team would like to wish all Linux gamers a healthy and happy New Year!