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12.08.2007 - Serious Sam 2 installer

We have two new installers for you in our beta section. Sadly, Croteam did not update their Linux beta client of Serious Same 2 for a long time nor they have released a final version yet. Our installers are based on the latest available beta release.
Get them from here and do not forget to report back. Thank you.

05.08.2007 - Fixed "UT2004 Mega Pack" installer available

The updated installer is only interesting for x86_64 users. The old one did not update the binaries, the updated game content did not match the binaries and so people could not start UT2004 anymore. You can find the fixed installer here.

04.08.2007 - UT2004 installer for the Midway DVD

Today we want to give you the opportunity to test those new installers. One is for the German and the other for the English version of the UT2004 Midway DVD.
The new installers can be found in our beta section.