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20.06.2007 - AvP installer testers wanted

Please test our new Aliens vs. Predator installer. You can find the installer in our new beta installer section.
Please don't forget to give some feedback in the corresponding forum thread.
This installer is not for the gold version of AvP, a installer for this version is on it's way.

10.06.2007 - Removed all Wine/Cedega installers

If you are asking why did we remove all those installers, read this:

All games we had installers for can be installed and played with the help of Wine. So there is no need for those anymore, most of them are outdated anyway. Another main reason is, that it is nearly impossible for the Wine developers to track down runtime errors if the game was not installed using Wine. Also one game can have a dazzling variety of versions which makes it really hard to support installers for all those.
So we decided to close our Wine/Cedega section and to focus more on native games.