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14.04.2007 - Neverwinter Nights 1.68

After a long time we finally managed to update those installers.

12.04.2007 - New Racer installer

Some time ago a new beta (0.5.3beta6) of Racer was released for Linux.
Here you can find the updated installer.

11.04.2007 - Updated ET mod installer

We are really sorry but we have to release new ETF and True Combat: Elite installers again. The ETF installer had a serious bug, it was not looking for the ET installation directory. Other fixes for both installers are:

  • installer startup is much faster now
  • they should now run properly on system which do not have Bash as default shell
  • a better and more robust search functionalty to find the place where ET is installed

The new installers are here!

01.04.2007 - Warsow 0.21 installer

This is no April fools' day joke :).
You will find it here!