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16.02.2006 - New No Gravity and updated Nexuiz installer

No Gravity, a GPL Space simulation ala Wing Commander, has reached version 2.0.
Also, our Nexuiz installer has had a few tweaks to fix some reported problems.

14.02.2006 - Nexuiz 1.5 released

A major new version of Nexuiz has been released, bringing 'massive changes to the gameplay, technology, and content'.

08.02.2006 - UT2004 Megapack installer bugfix release

Apologies to those who have already grabbed the UT2004 Megapack installer, it contained a small bug that placed the binaries in the wrong directory. If you have already installed it, the quick-fix is to move ut2004-bin and ucc-bin from the ut2004/ directory to the ut2004/System/ directory. A corrected installer is now available.

08.02.2006 - UT2004 Megapack installer released

Brace yourself, an installer for the UT2004 Megapack has arrived.
It contains the latest 3369.2 patch, all the content from the earlier Editors Choice Edition (ECE) bonus pack, and nine new maps. Beyondunreal has a nice review of the new content.
This should now be the only update installer you need for UT2004, as it replaces the existing updates and the ECE installer.

07.02.2006 - x86_64 compatability updates

Updated installers for Soldier of Fortune II and Max Payne 2 have been released.
These should fix problems reported by users of x86_64 systems.

01.02.2006 - UT2004 files back in business

A big thanks to Pierre 'death-row' Schiesser who now hosts all the UT2004 files so you can download them via http:// again.
We still recommend Bit Torrent because this lets you give something back by continuing to seed after your downloads finish.