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29.01.2006 - Cube installer bugfix release

Today we release a fixed version of our Cube installer. There was a minor problem with the start script which prevented the correct handling of commandline parameters.

27.01.2006 - Yet another Medal of Honor installer

Another MOHAA installer has been created, this time for the Dutch version of the 'MOHAA War Chest'.
If anyone would like an installer for the standard Dutch retail version, please contact us via mail or
in our forum.

11.01.2006 - New Medal of Honor installer

A new installer for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in Spanish is now available.

09.01.2006 - Freespace installer

The LIFLG team has created a brand new installer for the German version of Freespace The Great War, a space combat simulation.

04.01.2006 - Bug Fixes

We have fixed the Max Payne and the Star Wars: Jedi Knight II (Jedi Outcast) installers so they should run flawlessly on x86_64 systems.

01.01.2006 - Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all, may all your dreams come true in 2006!

P.S. We have made an installer for the Alien Swarm Telic Campaign.