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23.09.2005 - Far Cry 1.33 German

It is done.
You can get the installer for the German version here.

23.09.2005 - Far Cry 1.33

You can get the installers here.
The German one is still in testing and will be released later when it is done.

20.09.2005 - Testing is over
After a long time without any bug reports or other problems we have deciced to release the following installers: To all those waiting for the far cry 1.33 installers they are on the way.

13.09.2005 - Nexuiz 1.2.1 installer

It's done. Get it here!

13.09.2005 - We need your help

As you may have noticed one of our fileservers is down for a while It's the one which was hosting the UT2k4 mods and some other installers. We are now searching for a replacement. If you can offer webservices(http+php), shell access(ssh) and have a lot of free bandwith please contact us.

If you can not help us this way then you could seed(BitTorrent) some files for us. Our tracker is here:

If you have questions ask in our forum or ask us.

03.09.2005 - UT2K3 update installer
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 Update 2225beta3 is now available. Look here!