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24.05.2005 - 1 new and 1 updated installer
  • no gravity 1.99 (3d space shooter, native) Look here!
  • warzone 2100 rev86 (3d rts, native) Look here!
11.05.2005 - 'wine(x) installers' back online

Nothing more to say enjoy it!

09.05.2005 - TC:E and ETF installer fixed

The " permission denied bug" in the True Combat: Elite and ETF installer is fixed.
Look here!

The torrents files for the installer are now available.

09.05.2005 - bit torrent tracker

As you may noticed we have some problems hosting the installer files at the moment.
That's why we decided to give bit torrent a try:
Thanks to Mayhem for hosting and maintaining the tracker.
Discussion takes place here.
If you are willing to help seed the files and use bit torrent to reduce traffic

We are also working to get the 'wine(x)' installers back online