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28.04.2005 - server down

The fileserver went down to early and we were caught napping.
Please do not report broken links.
We are working to get all files back.

24.04.2005 - stuff

The 'version check' bug is fixed in the ETF and TC:E installer.
Look here!

18.04.2005 - bad news

One of our fileservers will be permanently offline as of first of May 2005. That's why all installers in our wine(x) section won't be avaialable anymore, till we find a new hoster.

We wanne thank Blade for sponsoring

17.04.2005 - ETF 1.3

Get the installer for ETF 1.3 Get it!

07.04.2005 - no gravity installer
  • no gravity 1.98.r7 (3d space shooter, native) Look here!

We wanne thank for hosting the red orchestra 3.2 installer.
If you wanne host some of our installers and you can provide ssh and/or ftp access contact us!

05.04.2005 - New Stuff and we need help
  • call of duty: united offensive map pack (wine) Look here!
  • racer 0.5.2beta8.9 (car racing simulation, native) Look here!
  • red orchestra 3.2 (ut2k4 mod) Look here!

We are still looking for nice people hosting some of our installers.
If you are willing and able to do this contact us!

01.04.2005 - glest 1.0.10-r7

Get the installer for glest 1.0.10-r7