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29.03.2005 - New Stuff
  • glest 1.0.10-r5 (3d rts, native) Look here!
    (should now also run on fc3)
  • devastation 381beta1 (fps, native) Look here!
  • privateer 1.0 (wing commander privateer remake, native) Look here!
  • u4e 4.0 (ut2k4 mod) Look here!
  • vegastrike 0.4.3 (3D space simulator, native) Look here!
15.03.2005 - Neverwinter Nights Multilanguage Testers

Hi guys.
We are working at the nwn multilanguage installer and we
need some testers for the english, french, italian etc. version of nwn.
The HotU Installer will be finished in 1-2 days for a test release.
Thanks ... your liflg team
nwn 1.29 multilanguage
nwn sou 1.3X multilanguage

10.03.2005 - New True Combat: Elite Release

Get the installer for True Combat: Elite 0.48.
Get it!

02.03.2005 - New Stuff