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23.12.2004 - True Combat: Elite Installer

Here is the installer for the new "True Combat: Elite" release.
Get it!

23.12.2004 - UT2K4 Mod Installer Update
  • ECE-Bonus Pack: fixed a typo and included a check
    to test if a newer update for UT2004 was installed before
Look here!

20.12.2004 - Call of Duty 1.5 Installer

Here are the "Call of Duty" 1.5 installers
Get them!
The United Offensive addon installer files are uploaded right now and will be available soon.

11.12.2004 - UT2K4 Mod Installer Update
  • SAS: Into the Lion's Den 2.1 released
  • Shattered Oasis 2.6 released
Don't forget to uninstall SAS 1.1 and the Mappack first.
The Mappack is deprecated now!
Look here!

10.12.2004 - UT2K4 Mod Installer Update
  • Strike Force Demo 2 released
  • Death Ball 2.3 - 2 bug Fixed Version released
Look here!

06.12.2004 - First donation and a poll

Today we recived our first donation, thank you morzillo.
There is a poll what game we are going to buy to build a new installer for.