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30.10.2004 - Spanish Call of Duty installer released

Here it is, a installer for the spanish version of "Call of Duty"
Get it!

28.10.2004 - LIFLG back in Business

First we wanne thank:
  • Cid23 for webspace and
  • the guy's from,especially will and mac2k, for hosting a part of our files
  • Blade for hosting also a part of our files
  • mic ( for giving us the possibility to backup our files on his server
  • and finally all the other guy's who wanted to help us with their ideas and efforts
Second we are sill searching for sponsors:
  • we don't have facts/statistics about traffic or pageviews, blame for this :)
  • there is already one offer (traffic 250gb,bandwitdh 6,4gbit) with one condition 1500 pageviews a day
    let's see if we can achieve the condition
  • we are also looking for more mirror/backup servers
  • this page is "new", perhaps something is wrong/broken (links), drop us a mail or post in our forum
  • updating of games installed with our installers will fail, cause it's looking for
    Asaru is working on a script which will fix this problem. It will be available in our faq section